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De leeftijd die we hebben ingesteld als standaard voor kinderen is 12. Als je de juiste leeftijd invoert, kun je nog betere prijzen vinden.

Sport voor iedereen

Even for our four-legged friends.

Did you know that doing a little sport during the holidays is beneficial to everybody, whatever their age?
This is why at the Scarpiland Campsite, we have built a new Sports Centre where you can practise all your favourite sports... From dawn till dusk!

Start the day with some muscle activation on the beach with our team; then, enjoy aquagym and aerobics lessons.
If you don't want to miss out on your routine workout or if you finally want to dedicate some time to your fitness, from 8am to noon and 4 pm to 7pm, we await you in our brand-new fully-fitted gym.

Have you ever tried archery?
Here, you'll learn the basic movements of throwing arrows and hitting the target, and you'll find out how this sport, which requires both physical and mental balance, can also be relaxing. It's perfect for a holiday dedicated to well-being and entertainment!
Practising a little healthy sport is also an opportunity to make new friends, especially if you like team activities. At the new Sports Centre, you can enjoy volleyball and football courses organised by our team. The excitement of the tournaments and challenges at the end of each week will get to you - you'll see!
These are some of the activities we've thought of for you both on the beach and in the green area.

Beach Volleyball
Green Volley
Table tennis
Sports tournaments


Sports and wellbeing, even for your dog

We've created the Dog Agility area for your four-legged friends. A space dedicated to dogs at our campsite where your four-legged friend can run around while playing with you.
Lots of sports for everyone at our Camping Village!

Scarpiland Camping Village

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  +39 041966488

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