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To make your holiday experience even more complete, you can venture out from Camping Village Scarpiland and discover our local area and surroundings, without even having to move the car.

The Cavallino-Treporti peninsula boasts unique views, fascinating history and traditions, and wonderful adventures to be experienced amid unspoilt nature, so it’s no surprise that even youngsters and children are happy to go on trips around our local area, making every excursion a real treat for all the family.

A useful tip: the best way to explore our local area and its surroundings is by bike or by boat.


Bicycle excursions and cycle tourism routes

Two wheels are the perfect way to get around the paths in the picturesque villages dotted around the local area, along the banks of the lagoon and between the roads that run alongside the vegetable gardens and greenhouses.
You can create your own route, or choose one of the cycle tourism itineraries studied and mapped out by the Cavallino-Treporti Tourist Park, guiding you around all the local beauty spots.

Lio Piccolo

Pedalling along, you can explore the area using all your senses: admire hidden-away views, become intoxicated by the pleasant scent of the wild herbs that sprout up here and there, listen to the song of the birds and let yourself be soothed by the gurgling sound of the water.
Cycle paths run all the way along the coast, allowing you to move freely and safely with all of your family.

The Cavallino-Treporti Tourist Park offers four cycle tourism routes:

• the ‘Three Waters’ route
• the ‘Vegetable’ route
• the ‘Fort’ route
• the ‘Sunset’ route.

The name of each route describes the topic of each itinerary, fitting in perfectly with the story of this lively, colourful area.

The “Three Waters” route runs along the Casson canal. Here, amid enchanting surroundings, you can discover the “Cavallino Basins", the typical fishing ‘valleys’ on the Sile river, and the lighthouse.

The “Vegetable” route is a link between the sea and the lagoon, crossing the fields, vegetable gardens and greenhouses that characterise our inland, highlighting the great agricultural traditions of this fertile and generous land.

The “Fort” route winds all along the coast, between the pine forest, the beach and more inland paths, marked by a system of coastal fortifications that were built to defend Venice during the World Wars, and are now scattered throughout the peninsula.

The ‘Sunset’ route can be followed at any time of day, but, when the sun goes down, it becomes truly magical: the spectacular, fiery sunset reflected on the lagoon. The warm light of the sun at dusk is reflected on the water and in the sky, accentuating everything and enhancing the outlines of the houses and buildings in the small ancient villages that you’ll find along the way: Treporti, Saccagnana, Le Mesole and Lio Piccolo.


Boat trips on the lagoon and out to sea

By boat, you’ll be able to discover the northern lagoon, explore the nearby islands of Burano, Murano and Torcello, visit gorgeous Venice, which only takes 30 minutes by boat from Cavallino-Treporti, or head out to sea to sail along our sandy coast.

IMG 0015

Sailing along the lagoon: the northern lagoon and the Venetian islands

Discovering Venice’s northern lagoon

Gliding along the lagoon canals on a boat, you’ll be able to see the wild and unspoilt nature of Venice’s northern lagoon. On the water, in the sky or perched amid the thick vegetation of the islands and islets, you’ll easily catch a glimpse of the many varieties of wonderful birds that live, undisturbed, in this natural oasis: flamingos, kingfishers, mute swans, oystercatchers, egrets, black-winged stilts, etc.

The vegetation that grows spontaneously along the banks of the lagoon also boasts spectacular colour contrasts. Depending on the season, you’ll be able to admire the lilac-violet shades of the Limonium, the yellow flowers of the Halimione Portulacoides, the blue of the Astro Marino, and the red bushes of prickly rushes and sea rushes. It really will be an unforgettable sight for everyone; a small adventure that’ll put you in direct contact with nature, inspiring adults and children alike.

 085 Lio Piccolo

The Venetian islands

The prime location of the Cavallino-Treporti peninsula means you can quickly and easily reach the enchanting islands of Burano, Murano and Torcello.

The incredibly colourful houses of Burano, famous also for its ancient lacemaking tradition, will astound you: the vibrant colours that decorate the island seem like an infinite rainbow running down the streets.


On the island of Murano, it’s the art of glassmaking that plays the leading role. In addition to the Glass Museum, here, you can also admire the master glassmakers at work in their workshops. We're sure that you’ll be truly enchanted, and your little ones are bound be enthusiastic.
Don’t miss the S. Maria e Donato Cathedral too!

The last leg of the island tour is Torcello, with its precious archaeological heritage. One of the lagoon’s most ancient habitations, today, this island is almost entirely deserted, although its charm undoubtedly remains intact. Well worth a visit is the Santa Fosca church and the Santa Maria Assunta cathedral and its bell tower. The Archaeological and Medieval Museum and the so-called ‘Devil's Bridge’ are also very interesting.
That lingering peaceful atmosphere, and the feeling of being detached that you get here, really add to this island's beauty and appeal.


Sailing on the sea

Sailing on the sea, following the coast, you can discover the ‘Tegnùe’, also known as a “submerged oasis of biodiversity”.
The ‘Tegnùe’ are fascinating rocky outcrops on the sandy seabed of the Northern Adriatic.
Thanks to local underwater guides, you can dive safely and admire the rare and protected fauna that live on these enchanting and unsuspected underwater reefs.


Want to know more?

For more detailed information on all excursions available, please ask at our reception. You’ll receive plenty of tips on how to make the most of everything that’s on offer in Cavallino-Treporti. It’ll be our pleasure to help you get to know our local area as best you can.

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