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Shopping centre

Shopping centre

The charming walk that leads to the sea is lined with shops, restaurants and bars where you’ll find high quality products, friendly and attentive staff, and where everything is close at hand.
It’s right here that you’ll also find the Scarpiland Camping Village Shopping Centre. A small square and a long avenue decorated with flowers create the perfect setting for this friendly and joyful retail space. A pleasant place to meet with friends, great to arrive to after a relaxing evening walk, and a convenient shopping location for adults and children.

 Supermercato Scarpi interno

Boutique: keeping up with fashion on holiday

Our boutique offers the latest fashion trends and the best designer labels, so you can find the outfit of your dreams and treat yourself to a nice present. With an extensive collection of women’s, men’s and children’s clothes and costumes, you’ll be spoilt for choice, but safe in the knowledge that the products you're buying are top quality.


Bazaar: anything and everything!

Our historical bazaar stocks everything you need for the seaside and for camping, offering a wide range of Italian and foreign newspapers and magazines.
Here, you’ll find everything you need to make your “open air” holiday surrounded by nature just perfect.

 Bazar interno


Top quality butcher

Here, you’ll feel as comfortable as you do with your butcher at home; your local butcher who gives you the best cuts of meat, and the peace of mind that you're buying first-rate products.
High quality meat, tips on how best to prepare and cook it, and genuine customer care - that’s what makes our butcher so special.

Macelleria interno


Mini-market: quality and friendliness, just like the good old days

Our Mini-market is well-stocked and has everything that adults and children could want or need. The “homely” atmosphere of times gone by, the quality of the fresh and authentic products, and the genuine, natural friendliness of the staff, create a particularly pleasant shopping experience.

 Market centrale

Home-grown fruit and vegetables

Here, you’ll find seasonal, locally-grown products. Our greengrocer's products are the best way to tell the story of our local area, with their exclusive, slightly salty flavour that they get from the nearby sea and lagoon.
When experiencing the flavours and aromas that our vegetables bring to your plate, you’ll be able to appreciate the vastness of our fields and greenhouses, and the loving care that’s always been used to grow them.
A visit to our greengrocer really is a must. You’ll discover our local products, prepare delicious, tasty meals using incredibly high quality ingredients, boosting your family's health and well-being.

Scarpiland Camping Village

  Via A. Poerio 14 - 30013, Cavallino Treporti VE

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  +39 041966488

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